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Amazon is well known as a broad online marketplace, selling a wide range of products in a variety of categories. For a long time, Amazon, like other online marketplaces has been developing and selling its own line of products, creating direct competition between themselves and their sellers. Amazon can see shopping habits and trends, which products people are buying and uses the information to create its own brands. Launched in 2017, Amazon has added its own vitamins and supplements to the "Elements" range.

We follow a different marketplace business model and choose to do something completely different in order to support our sellers. Our online marketplace is dedicated to promoting startup brands and private labels, to help you thrive and do what you do best. Read on find out more about Amazon's approach to their own brand health products, and how we support you, our sellers…

Amazon’s Private Label

Amazon has recently added a new product range to its private label ‘Amazon Elements’. Initially just offering Amazon’s own brand of baby wipes, Amazon Elements now includes its own line of vitamins and supplements. Currently, the range of products is still limited, but it’s rumored that Amazon has plans to expand their range, setting themselves up as competitors against the businesses that sell similar products via the website.

Amazon is said to have been highly focused on expanding its own label in recent months, and are moving into providing consumables, fashion and more. While of course as a business it’s great to take advantage of an opportunity to expand, this does set Amazon up as a key competitor to its sellers on the marketplace, which are at the core of the Amazon business model.

No doubt you can expect that Amazons own private label products as the Elements range will be heavily promoted on the Amazon site and through its other marketing channels, detrimental to sellers of the same product categories. While there are only 4 health products so far in the range, the worry to sellers on Amazon would be how soon will Amazon be expanding the product range?

If the Amazon brand continues to expand their own private label, this could result in an increase in competition for Amazon sellers, and as a result a decrease in sales made through the site. With many businesses focusing their efforts on this platform, this could result in some concerning developments for small business owners and startups.

Clearly, Amazon knows that the health sector is growing year on year and wants to muscle its way into the sector.

When you have one main revenue of income or a large reliance via selling on Amazon, changes in the way that is run can directly impact on your businesses, and in choosing to sell with an online platform that does not work to promote your brand and your products, you could be left in a difficult situation if little or no effort has been made to build your brand awareness via other channels.

Why we support startups and private label sellers...

At Makes Me Healthy, we work quite differently from Amazon. We have some similarities, in that we are an e-commerce marketplace with an aim of a global audience, but our focus is always on our sellers and our customers, and we aim to create an enjoyable and effective experience for everyone.

It is our promise to our sellers that we will never set ourselves up as your competition – when you do well, we do well too, and we are always working to maximize your selling potential via our online health marketplace.

We have created a safe environment where you can trust in us to have your best interests of your b We know that building your brand and making sales is essential to your day-to-day lifestyle, and your own health and happiness, and having peace of mind is key to this.

When you’re first starting out it can be tricky to know how to get going with sales – this is where we come in. We provide you with instant access to our growing shoppers and enable you to join a platform where you can sell your products without any risk.

We have built our brand around you, our sellers. You are at the heart of all we do, and it is our goal to work alongside you, rather than against you. We do this by continuing to grow our highly targeted audience, using social media, search marketing, email marketing and PPC. We promote you and your product range to our audience, to help you create brand awareness, loyalty, and an increased product reach.

In addition, we allow you to stay in control of the way you sell your products. You can add and edit your own listings, and even run your own promotions when your business needs a boost.

We are a little different to the traditional marketplace, in that our audience is highly targeted, as we only work with private label and startup health and wellness brands. We want you to feel valued here, which is why we set up not to be your competitor and always work as your partner.

There's no doubt that Amazon is a great marketplace to sell health products, however, there should be more than one option to sell online. As more and more sellers flock to Amazon, and the Amazon Elements brand continues to grow the chances of your health products being found on the first-page decrease and the cost to maintain an Amazon account and advertise on the marketplace increase.

To find out more about becoming a seller with Makes Me Healthy, visit our sell with us page here. We support all of our sellers, so if you have any questions at all regarding a new account or an existing account, don’t hesitate to get in touch.