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How using natural beauty products is good for everyone 

Natural beauty products have been enjoying their time in the spotlight, of late. With the growing crop of millennials turning to organic products, skin/haircare and makeup manufacturers have begun to prioritize this trend in developing new product lines. Once, only favored by those with extremely sensitive skin and high ethical standards – natural beauty products have now infiltrated the mass market. They are no longer poor cousins to their synthetic counterparts, offering similar value and effectiveness. Technological advance has helped brands replace harmful and toxic chemicals previously used in these beauty products with naturally beneficial nutrients and minerals. Here are some dominant reasons for switching over to natural beauty products –

  • Lesser artificial irritants – When you use synthetic makeup, you inadvertently apply a host of chemicals onto your body and skin. These chemicals could potentially cause harmful reactions with your skin. There is no such risk with natural oils and moisturizers. These products are devoid of the harsh chemicals synonymous with synthetic beauty products and contain natural ingredients that work with your skin instead of against it.
  • Environment-friendly – Using beauty products not reliant on toxic chemicals is not only good for your own skin but good for the environment too. Producing chemical-heavy make-up takes a toll on the air and water, which is where it ends up. Natural beauty products are farmed organically and so put far less chemicals into the environment.
  • Natural scent – Natural beauty products come scented from organic sources. They do not rely on artificial chemicals to add a fragrance to them. The chemicals used to add scent to these items may cause headaches in some people. Naturally scented organic products smell like their natural ingredients and may also provide aromatherapy.
  • Time-tested – Organic beauty products and skin remedies have been in use over centuries. Your skin does not need the application of artificial beauty enhancers to maintain its health. Use natural oils and beauty solutions and help your skin stay fresh and healthy.
  • Animal cruelty-free – Natural and organic beauty products do not need to undergo testing on animals for side-effects, unlike some synthetic make-up products. So they are animal-friendly along with being environment-friendly.
  • No side-effects – Synthetic beauty products often use additional chemicals to extend their shelf-life. These chemicals can cause various side-effects when they come in contact with your skin. On the other hand, organic beauty products use natural preservatives that don’t take a toll on your wellbeing. Of course, there are people who are allergic to some natural ingredients too but the outbreak caused in these situations are more manageable than one caused by an unknown/unrecognized chemical.
  • More effective in long-term usage – Traditionally manufactured make-up products can appear to be more effective in short-term but are actually quite harmful in the long run. Organic beauty products provide more results when used over a window of time and are less detrimental to your skin health too.

For better skin health, one should make the switch to natural skin products and ditch synthetic make-up products. Take a look at some of the great natural beauty brands on Makes Me Healthy. 


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