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Can using nootropics boost productivity? 

Nootropics have been familiar to medical practitioners for a long time but have only recently caught the attention of the common public. What are nootropics? Well, they are smart drugs. They enhance brain power and provide you with greater clarity, enhanced reasoning skills, sharper memory and better mood. They make you more alert to your surroundings by eliminating mental fatigue.

Smart drugs such as adderall and modafinil have been used by students to help them concentrate in their studies for a considerable while now. However these chemically engineered nootropics can have negative impacts such as headaches, mood swings and addiction risk.

Plant-derived nootropics are healthier as they accelerate your cognitive functions without endangering you with too many side-effects.

A nootropic we’re all familiar with is – caffeine. Coffee is consumed daily by millions across the world, stimulating their central nervous system, making them awake and alert and giving a boost to their metabolism. Too much coffee, though, can make us agitated and disrupt our sleep patterns. You may begin to feel sluggish instead of energized if you have one too many cups of coffee.

How they work

So, can nootropics actually make you more productive? Sure. Nootropics influence your work speed, quality and ability to concentrate. Nootropics are not wonder drugs – they won’t develop productive habits in a lazy person. What they can and will do, is amplify your productive habits so your output is greater than it would have been off a nootropic.

Research has found nootropics to improve cognitive systems that regulate your work performance. Nootropics better your – working memory, flexible thinking, planning/prioritizing, problem-solving, self-monitoring, task initiation, long-term memory, calmness and organization. All of these above functions can be achieved by making a few changes in your brain chemistry. For eg: Increasing the level of Acetylcholine benefits memory and concentration ability. Similarly, an increase in GABA reduces mental stress and keeps you calmer.

There are nootropics that serve a whole range of purpose. Some bring down your cognitive fatigue/improve concentration/increase alertness while others make you calmer. Nootropics can be said to help you achieve your flow state i.e. a mental space where you’re relaxed and yet focused on your goal at the same time. Flow states enable you to consistently be productive without feeling any strain. Nootropics increase your productivity then by aiding your mind in being able to look over distractions and concentrate on the task at hand.

Some nootropic drugs

Here are some nootropics you can sample for yourself –

  • Noopept – Noopept opens up the receptor sites of the brain. It boosts neurotransmitters that are responsible for learning and productivity.
  • Aniracetam – Aniracetam spurs our brain’s AMPA receptors into activity, which regulate our capacity for memory and cognitive ability. It is recommended for senior patients who begin to lose their energy and productivity with age. It also helps fight brain debilitation in them.
  • Sulbutiamine – Another brain booster, this nootropic drug improves mental functions, increases your energy and keeps you motivated.

Using nootropics can help enhance your cognitive faculties, positively affecting your productivity in the process. You can shop online a range of nootropic products at the makes me healthy marketplace. 


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