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Okay, as our products are 100% clean, we guess we'll have to come clean too. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Having both graduated from the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy (yes, he of Dragon’s Den fame) in 2012, our co-founders, Ishak and Louis had a chance catch-up when the seeds for Vive were first sewn.

Working long hours whilst pursuing a career in The City, Ishak spotted an opportunity for a natural, yet functional snack bar to keep nourished throughout the day without having to reach for the junk cupboard.

Meanwhile, Louis was busy focusing on his business degree at the University of Bath and whilst on an internship with Nestlé in Switzerland, had noticed that this was a market that needed a major over-haul as most 'healthy' bars were actually just a nice packet filled cheap, low-quality ingredients!

Eighteen months and 645 dates later (don't worry, all of them are in our products) here we are starting the Vivelution one bite at a time.

Unlike most other brands (we're not snitching, just telling you the truth), we make all of our bars ourselves in our own London-based mini-factory (the BeeVive), ensuring only the best ingredients, care and love goes into every bar to help you to be happier, healthier and hungry for more!

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