Selling & listing tips

Makes Me Healthy is all about connecting you to consumers and helping you sell more.

There is various ways to get the most out of listing with us and different ways to boost your sales and get involved.

We've put together some short tips to help you with your listings and make your products & brand stand out.

Please contact the seller support team to discuss them further.

1. Product images, description and features
Make sure these are populated and filled with as much data as possible to help the consumer know about your products in detail.

Provide us with JPEG/ PNG images of your products if you have them. Images must be at least 1,000 pixels on the longest side and at least 500 pixels on the shortest side to be zoom-able

2. Video
You can now add videos to the product page. Just go to your created products in the admin panel products > and click on the video tab.

3. Pricing
It’s always important to have your pricing universally the same as listed on your own webstore or other marketplaces. Its easier to manage for you & makes your customers more loyal.

4. Box & Bundle
The box & bundle page, allows you to offer discounts to sell more of your products. If you want to sell box & bundle deals its easy create your listing, and tag it to “box & bundle” category.

5. Promotions
You can run any type of promotion at any time, just email us any promotions or offers you want to run with graphics and we will set it up and share them on our social channels.

If you don’t have any graphics, don’t worry we will create them. See more here

6. Behind the brands
Let our users find out more about you and your brand and get featured on our homepage and shared on our social channels. Content will be linked to your products and show on the product page under a "blog" tab. Please contact us to get featured.

7. Product reviews
We’ll be writing product reviews to let our users know more about your products. Content will be linked to your products and show on the product page under a "blog" tab.

If you have any specific products you want us to review let us know.

8. Giveaways
Every month we will be running competitions on our social media, if you want to promote your brand and get involved, you can send products to our postal address.

9. Let your followers know!
Tell your followers that your brand is growing and let them know you’re selling on Makes Me Healthy. If you have a “where to buy” or similar page on your website, don’t forget to link to us. Please contact us for any creatives.