Running a promotion

You can set up any type of Promotion on Makes Me Healthy. Our two popular pages includes the Daily Deals and Promotions page.

With daily deals you can offer a discount on a product price (list price and selling price difference) and it will be automatically added to the page along with the discount label on the product.

A promotion is more varied and you can offer any type of you want such as product discounts for a limited time. With each promotion all you need to do is email us the promotion details and banner graphics and we will set it up. If you don't have any graphics we can create them for you.

When a promotion is created it will have its own image & URL you can easily share on your social media to let your followers know about the offer. We also actively share promotions on our social media channels.

All products from the main promotion page will have special block on their detailed page including the promotion name, short description if needed, link to detailed unique promotion page and timer to the end of promotion.

Also all these products will have a special promotion label to help them stand out.