Seller fees

At Makes Me Healthy we keep our fees low and transparent. Unlike other marketplaces with complicated selling fees and monthly subscriptions we offer a very simple and low cost selling platform.

There are no joining fees or re-occurring subscription fees and we keep our commission as low as possible to encourage you to offer the best possible price to our customers (and yours!)

We charge a flat commission fee of 9% of the transaction price - the product price + any delivery cost.

Our checkout is processed by PayPal and a transaction fee of 3.4% + £0.20p is charged for each transaction. We don't charge any extra on this fee & pass it on at cost to you.

An example of a product sold for £8.00 with a £2.00 shipping fee as below:

Product Cost £8.00, Shipping fee £2.00 = Transaction price £10.00

minus comission fee 9% = £0.90

minus transaction fee 3.2% + £0.20 = £0.32 + £0.20

Total fees £1.42

Total paid to you £8.58

Sellers can be paid either into their nominated bank account provided or to their business PayPal account. Disbursements are made on the Friday of every week.