Seller FAQ's

We appreciate that everyone has unique concerns and questions, and we've tried to answer the most common questions below. However if you don't find the answer your looking for or need more information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Q: How much does it cost to sell with Makes Me Healthy?

A: 9% & a PayPal fee of 3.2% + £0.20 for each transaction. No other costs and not confusing seller plans.

Q: I'm interested but cant see a category suitable for my products?

A: Makes Me Healthy is always expanding and opening new product categories all the time, simply let us know and we'll create the relevant category for your products.

Q: Who delivers my products?

A: When you get a order notification, you will get all the relevant customer details and you ship the product directly to them. Later in the year we will be offering fulfillment.

Q: Can someone else sell the same product as me?

A: No. Makes Me Healthy doesn't operate as a catalog marketplace like other platforms where sellers are pitted against each other. Each product is unique to the seller so you can be sure no one is competing against you.

Q: How many products can I sell?

A: There is no limit to the amount of products you can list, or how much you can sell with Makes Me Healthy.

Q: How do I setup my delivery costs?

A: You can set up multiple delivery costs, which buyers can select at checkout and these options will also be displayed on your product page on the "shipping" tab. We can also create any delivery options for you if you are unsure.

Q: Can buyers contact me?

A: Buyers can send you messages directly via their account, and you will get alerts by email and the messages will be in the admin panel for you to reply to. If there is a problem with the order, we always encourage the buyer to contact you in the first instance but we would also try to help with any problem. As the payments are processed by PayPal the buyer can also open a dispute through their resolution center if they are not satisfied.

Q: How do I invoice the buyer & inform them of order statuses?

A: Every-time a buyer purchases from you, they will automatically get an invoice generated by the admin panel. All you need to do is mark the order as complete and enter any tracking information in the admin panel and again the buyer will be notified automatically by email.

Q: Do buyers pay Makes Me Healthy any fee?

A: No the selling price + any delivery costs listed by you is the amount they will pay.

Q: I have a lot of products, how can I manage listing efficiently?

A: Currently you can import products by CSV, XML or add/ update manually. We are working to setup a API and setup integrations with third parties.