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Upliftveda Auyerveda on Makes Me Healthy

Tell us abit more about you and any hobbies you have?

My name is Sundar and I have a passion for Ayurveda and the wellbeing of humanity. I am a keen reader and cherish my family time.

What was your inspiration or reasons to start your brand?

People all around the world in today’s environment are becoming overwhelmed by daily pressures and stresses. A number of factors contribute to this, but I believe the modern digital life such as long working hours, lack of social interaction, constantly watching screens, a lack of sleep and unhealthy diet.

Over time, if mental stress is not managed or addressed properly, it will start to disturb focus, productivity and will cause long-standing physiological and psychological disorders as well as speeding aging.

While leading a balanced life with good sleep, nutrition and exercise are vital to health and cognition, something more is needed for the stressed population to rejuvenate and regenerate the weary and aging brain. This is where my inspiration for Upliftveda’s Ayurveda products, which are based on 6,000 years old time-tested legacy of Ayurveda Rasayanas are born.

What would you say are some unique features about your products?

The three polyherbal products Upliftveda Dreamz, Focus and Drive will help the brain to refocus, improve concentration, overcome mental fatigue and generally rejuvenate itself.

Memory and mood can be enhanced, stress reduced, and restful sleep promoted by these all-natural plant complexes, which results in better stress management and a positive mind.

Our products are 100% poly herbal Ayurveda Rasayana herbs and contain no synthetic chemicals.

The polyherbal combination of our formulations is to ensure that the maximum synergy is produced between the separate ingredients

Can you share some of the most popular/ best ways to use your products?

Our products are formulated to work with the busy lives we face in the modern world. They are in soft gel capsules and easy to take. Busy professionals, students, over 60's and people looking for general wellbeing are some of our valued customers.

We’re sure your customers love your products, what do your customers say about your brand and products?

The feedback from our customers has been positive about our products, but more importantly for me our mission. Most of Upliftveda's customers are new to Ayurveda and I'm happy that they are embracing change and positivity in their life.

What are some great health benefits about your products?

Upliftveda Dreamz is formulated as a natural sleep supplement and should be taken 2-3hrs before sleep time.

Upliftveda Focus is a nootropic for the busy hardworking professional or student, turbocharge your brain naturally by improving memory, mental clarity, cognition & alertness.

Upliftveda Drive is formulated to boost vigour and vitality in people who are lacking in energy and feeling over-stretched by the demands of modern life.

What is the future for Upliftveda, any new products launching soon?

I feel very privileged to have started Upliftveda and hope that I can bring more natural Ayurveda products which will bring positive outcomes to its users.

Any healthy lifestyle tips you can share for our readers?

Stay fit and keep your mind active. Always approach life with a positive mindset to help you overcome in inevitable challenges that face all of us in life.

Thanks to Sundar for giving some great input, and you can find Upliftveda's products at Makes Me Healthy.