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Behind the Brands - The Love Grass Teff flour

1. Tell us a bit more about you and any hobbies you have?

I grew up in a small Teff farming village called Jiga in Ethiopia’s Rift Valley Highlands – all a memory now as I left for Europe having won a university scholarship nearly three decades ago. After finishing my education I began working in the finance industry before embarking on the mission to share Ethiopian Teff with the world. These days my main hobby is Lovegrass but I also enjoy cycling with my sons.

2. What was your inspiration or reasons to start your brand?

In 2014 I was shocked to stumble upon Teff on the shelves of a London health food store. What surprised me the most was that it was not grown in its native Ethiopia, but in the US where the seed had been commercially cultivated. From that day onwards, it was impossible for me to reconnect and focus on my busy day job as I found myself preoccupied with the Teff farms I had left behind so many years back. That was when Lovegrass was born.

3. What would you say are some unique features about your products?

At Lovegrass we produce all our super food from Ethiopian Teff. For thousands of years the Ethiopian people have used this ancient super grain as the main ingredient of their staple food ‘Injera’ - a sourdough bread with spongy texture. Our products are naturally gluten free and nutritionally superior. Like for like, Teff has more protein, calcium, iron and magnesium than any of the other super grains including quinoa, buckwheat and even chia seeds. Teff is such a hidden gem!

4. Can you share some of the most popular/ best ways to use your products?

Teff is an extremely versatile grain, its flour can be used in place of conventional flour in baking and cooking. We offer a list of Teff based recipes on our website including Teff bread, cakes, arancini or pasta salad. One of our best selling products is Teff Pancake & Waffle Mix – it makes an easy, delicious and very nutritious breakfast. Thumbs up from kids too!

5. We’re sure your customers love your products, what do your customers say about your brand and products?

The response to taste tests has been very encouraging especially our 100% Teff pasta and Teff Pancake & Waffle mix which are loved before tasters even realise the extensive health benefits of what they’re eating. Our Amazon customers have given us great reviews as well.

The response to our branding too has been excellent – people are loving the uniquely Ethiopian branding and illustrations. It was important to be bold and colourful to reflect our African heritage while it’s also a challenge to balance this with modern elegant design… we feel it’s working.

6. What are some great health benefits about your products?

As well as being naturally gluten free Teff offers many unique health benefits:

  • Naturally gluten free
  • High in Protein, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Copper
  • Not only a source of B vitamins Teff is the only grain known to contain significant amounts of Vitamin C
  • Teff is high in prebiotic fibre (a key benefit for IBS sufferers)
  • Whole grain, with high resistant starch (low GI)

What sets Teff apart from other grains, it its outstanding natural combination of nutrients that promote endurance, performance and good health. Not only does Teff help people suffering from Coeliac disease, IBS or heart problems but it can aid weight loss, improve circulation, support bone health and boost immune system.

7. What is the future for your brand, any new products launching soon?

We have a very exciting product road-map ahead of us. Our toughest decisions are deciding which products we will bring to market next… stay tuned!
8. Any healthy lifestyle tips you can share for our readers?

Always read the ingredients and listen to your gut.

Its great that The Love Grass is on Makes Me Healthy, giving you a great choice of healthy Teff products to buy online.


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