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Pierre de Plasir Natural White Scrubbing Stone Review

Pierre de Plasir’s white scrubbing stone for the face is a 100% made out of clay without any artificial additives. It is a handmade product idea for face/body scrubbing and massaging. It combines the goodness of Kessa glove with volcanic pumice, providing incredible results. You can tell the difference in your skin after the very first use itself!

Its pumice stone gently exfoliates skin and cleans your face. It also massages your skin when you use it. Its circular shape and small size allow it to snugly fit your facial contours. It acts to soften, smoothen and remove your dry epidermal layer and revive your natural skin color as it does so.

Pierre de Plasir’s scrubbing stone is durable and resistant to scratches or changes to its surface. It doesn’t dirty, soak or crumble with usage and retains its aesthetic allowing you to use it as a decorative piece, if need be. You can use it with any soap or face cleanser you like.

The scrubbing stone has been dermatologically tested for use on human skin. It is gentle and safe on your skin and can be used without any worry.

If you happen to be struggling with skin discoloration due to contact with grease, ink or soil – the Pierre de Plasir Natural Scrubbing Stone will take care of it. It will also rid your skin of any unwanted smell that it may have accumulated from the kitchen or outside.

You can use it on baby feet and hands, it is that gentle. It can be used to smoothen dry heels and remove stains left by glue, pens or markers.

You can refresh the stone from time to time by heating it at 250 degrees in the oven for about 30 minutes. Use this scrubbing stone to softly scrub your face, hands, stomach, chest, shoulders and back. You may also use it for standard scrubbing on your feet, hands, calves, thighs and buttocks.

Be careful not to use the stone on skin that has been irritated in any way. Also, it is recommended that usage of the scrubbing stone doesn't exceed more than twice/thrice in a week,

Available for 9.99 pounds at, the Pierre de Plasir Natural Scrubbing Stone is a great choice for skin exfoliation at home. It enables you to gently get rid of any dirt that you may have gathered onto your skin without roughing it up. It is shaped in a way that it reaches every corner of your face seamlessly, clearing out dirt and impurities without much of an effort. It’s durable nature lets it retain its shape and texture for a long time and you don't have to worry about replacing it, a couple months in.

You can buy Pierre de Plasir Natural White Scrubbing Stone online at Makes Me Healthy


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