Sell with Makes Me Healthy

Who we are

Makes Me Healthy is a growing exclusive marketplace for health, beauty and wellness products to support both customers and sellers. Our mission is to bring all the best independent and private label health & beauty brands from around the world into one marketplace to support our user's lifestyle and sell a unique choice of products online.

Established big brands are taking over other sales channels such as Amazon and Google making it more difficult for consumers to find your products and more expensive for you to sell.

At Makes Me Healthy we make showing your products to interested online shoppers simple. We aim to create a enjoyable experience for sellers & buyers alike. We don’t compete against retailers who list with us and want to build a strong relationship with each brand who partners with us.

Why Sell with Makes Me Healthy?

We're a dedicated marketplace for health & beauty products for independent sellers like you, so that means that your brand will always be found.

With our community of like-minded consumers who are looking for your products and a smooth and friendly website so your products can be easily seen, we're working to increase your brand awareness, exposure, sales, and profitability.

Selling with us also means free marketing. We'll be promoting brands who sell with us through various channels including social, influencer, affiliate, email, onsite content & off-site partnerships.

Partner with us

Every brand that lists to sell with Makes Me Healthy gets full support and help. There are no complex packages & we'd love to get to know more about your products so we can help you sell. We want to help grow your brand and make it successful!

A risk free way to sell

We keep our fees low to help you sell more and offer great prices & promotions to your customers. No monthly subscription fees and hidden charges. A totally risk free way to sell.

Simple selling

Get your own unique shop URL you can share and a seller control panel to easily manage your store, orders & product data.

Never miss a sale

Always stay open by selling on Makes Me Healthy & benefit from our investment in technology, marketing and digital innovation to reach more customers.

Keep relevant

Other marketplaces offer categories across a broad spectrum of products. Alot of the consumers who visit their site might not be looking for health & beauty products. Shoppers on Makes Me Healthy are only looking for what you sell.