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Nutrilicious organic dark chocolate pumpkin seeds product review

Nowadays, people have become more health conscious, and they are finding alternative means of eating healthy and sustainably as well as making sure they snack healthy. With the rise of the internet, people have grown to learn about the benefits of eating healthy, and they are aware of the negatives of eating unhealthy as well. So in the recent past, many companies have started to produce and distribute healthy snacks that give you the satisfaction of snacking as well as keeps you healthy.

Nutrilicious is one such company that has the values and goals that are directed towards healthy living. They are a small company with big ideas that are directed solely towards healthy snacking. They are known to deliver incredible taste & nutritional benefits that are second to none. They use a part of their profits to do good by providing meals to disadvantaged children. One of the co-founders suffers from a nut allergy, and that is the reason why they have chosen pumpkin seeds as their primary ingredient as they are the perfect combination of that delicious crunchy taste with added incredible nutritional benefits.

Nutrilicious’ organic dark chocolate pumpkin seeds, consists of crunchy pumpkin seeds coated in a layer of creamy and delicious Belgian dark chocolate. It is a high protein snack that you can have at any time during the day, and they are very low in carbs that do not make you feel bloated. It also contains lesser sugar than any other natural sweet snack. It is made from 100% organic and natural ingredients. It is high in plant-based protein and fiber as well.

Pumpkin seeds are known to be a good source of healthy oil, magnesium, and other nutrients that are known to enhance the health of the heart, bones, and other functions. Seeds, in general, are considered good sources of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The nutrients present in pumpkins seeds may help protect you against type 2 diabetes. It contains various antioxidants that are highly beneficial for the heart. These seeds consist of non-saturated fatty acids that help in lowering bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the blood.

Organic dark chocolate is high cocoa content which is nutritious. There are bioactive compounds in cocoa which may improve blood flow in the arteries, and they cause a small but statistically significant decrease in blood pressure. Dark chocolate is also known to enhance the function of your brain activity.

You can satisfy your sweet snack cravings with all their snacks that are all under one teaspoon of sugar per bag. Their snacks are sugar-free, and they have significantly less sugar than regular chocolate and most of the other healthy meals that are present in the market.

You can buy Nutrilicious organic dark chocolate pumpkin seeds online at Makes Me Healthy


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