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NKD Living Stevia Liquid Product Review

If you’re a diabetic or overweight individual looking to lose weight, one of the first things you need to do is regulate your diet. This means cutting down on calories and more importantly, sugar intake. But, here’s the problem – sugar is something we all crave, and most consume it on an almost daily basis.

Even if we aren’t eating sweets and drinking sodas, sugar makes into our system through other food items and beverages. For example, most of us drink our tea/coffee with sugar. But you can’t do that once you become diabetic, which can be very frustrating.

However, there is a solution that might help.

An all-natural solution

It’s called Stevia Liquid Caramel Drops, and with it, you can enjoy your sweet treats while avoiding the typical risks that come with consuming sugar. How, you may ask? Well, it all boils down to this magical plant called Stevia. Stevia is a green herbal plant, native to South America, that possesses sweet leaves. These leaves have been used as an alternative for sugar almost since civilisation existed.

Stevia’s sweetness comes from rebaudioside and stevioside, which are glycosides that exist as active compounds in the plant. Recently, Stevia managed to get some global attention as an artificial sweetener that is 40 times sweeter than regular sugar. What makes it really special is that it does not have much of an impact on a person’s blood sugar levels.

Needless to say, this makes it an excellent option for diabetics and those watching their weight.

Stevia belongs to the Asteraceae family, which has around 240 species under it, including the sunflower. Stevia, colloquially referred to as sugar leaf or sweet leaf, is scientifically known as Stevia Rebaudiana. It primarily grows in the Northern and Southern parts of America but is rarely known by people.

Research has shown that Stevia is a superb alternative to actual sugar and chemically synthesised options such as Xylitol. This has led to the plant-based sugar alternative being approved as a sweetener across the globe. In fact, the EU approved Stevia as an ingredient in 2011.

Health benefits

The NKD Living Stevia Liquid Caramel Drops have produced tremendous results in terms of aiding diabetes and weight management. In fact, its ability to regulate blood sugar levels is its greatest strength. It serves as the perfect replacement for real sugar, making it possible for diabetics and overweight people to enjoy sweetened foods without significant health consequences.

The key component here is stevioside, which is what helps the Stevia Liquid sweeten food. It is a non-carbohydrate glycoside compound. So, when it breaks down, the particles that contain glucose get absorbed by the bacteria in the colon. This is different from how normal sugar gets absorbed, which is directly into the bloodstream. Bloodstream absorption is what causes changes in glucose levels.


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