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A Glimpse of Beauty on Makes Me Healthy 

A Glimpse of beauty is a skincare company with a holistic approach to beauty products. Its unique and nourishing formulas are created to be nourishing and rich skin care products with your wellbeing in mind.

The beauty products A Glimpse of Beauty manufacturers are created using some of the finest, natural ingredients from around the world, creating a chemical free skin care range. The desire to use organic ingredients where possible and a philosophy of purchasing directly from the producer to finest the freshest natural ingredients, makes the beauty range from A Glimpse of beauty a unique and holistic choice, suitable for many skin types.

To produce a unique beauty range, the natural and in many cases organic ingredients used by A Glimpse of Beauty, its ingredients are cold pressed, macerated and then infused with fresh organic, wild harvested plants for a truly holistic approach.

The natural plants and ingredients used never come into any contact with chemicals, pesticides or any other harsh treatments. As a result, natural colours are maintained, and the natural beauty of the textures, scents, and energy of the plants goes into the formula to create a holistic, healing skincare range.

As these plants and flowers haven’t been harshly processed, they give the skin their natural source of minerals and vitamins, to keep your skin nourished and be naturally healthy and glowing.

A Glimpse of Beauty has a wonderful Berry range, which are used as they are known to be a natural source of antioxidants, flavonoids and carotenoids amongst other things and used for their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Some of the berries used include oils of Gogi berries, Acai berries, Maqui berry, Blueberry and Raspberry oil. These berry oils are cold pressed and unrefined from the seeds and fruit of the plants to create a refreshing and natural skin care range. 

A motto used by the Glimpse of Beauty is that the “best and most beautiful things in the world cannot just be seen, they must be felt.” The skin and beauty products that they create are made to be felt and experienced so that natures best gifts can be by you for your skin and wellbeing.

Its important to know what your applying onto your skin, and the transparent and natural ingredient list on A Glimpse of Beauty products proves that chemically rich, bulk produced skin care products don’t have to be an option, when you can use natural, holistic creams that are created with passion and your wellbeing in mind.

You can buy a wide range of Glimpse of Beauty products on Makes Me Healthy, and look out for more new products from them on the way. 


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