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When you shop online at Makes Me Healthy, you may see Jaspar our friendly shopping cart.


Jaspar wants to help you make the most of your Makes Me Healthy shopping experience, so you can discover great startup health and beauty brands, find product savings in the marketplace, and show you savings and deals on amazing box and bundle purchases.

Shopping online for health and beauty products doesn’t need to be confusing or complicated. When you shop on Makes Me Healthy, Jaspar likes to pick out some the best products you can buy and savings which are running on the site. The box and bundle deals offer great value than buying a stand-alone product, and you get more of what you like!  

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As you build up your account and fill your cart with Makes Me Healthy, Jaspar will start to better understand what you like to buy, which type of products are your favourites are and which products you love to use. Always keen to help, you will get product recommendations and suggestions on ways you can save money, get introduced to great new brands and find out about new product launches you’re sure to love.

Jaspar loves finding healthy savings and telling you about some of the amazing start up health & beauty brands you can find in the marketplace. Jaspar is here to guide you through Makes Me Healthy and provide you with the support you need to shop online.

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