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Behind the Brands Q&A with Bakes & Balls

1. Tell us abit more about you and any hobbies you have?
I love being outdoors, whether walking the dog or mountain biking, kayaking or paddle boarding with the kids.
I also love Ghyll scrambling - climbing up mountain streams and rivers - in the Lake District.

2. What was your inspiration or reasons to start your brand?
My children were my inspiration. I loved making low-sugar, healthy snacks for their packed lunches and making things for
friends with allergies - essentially it’s about solving problems for people and giving them something that is delicious and

3. What would you say are some unique features about your products?
All of our products are free from all 14 allergens. They are vegan and paleo friendly and free from added sugars. We are
also applying for organic certification. We use a combination of seeds and grains along with great novel ingredients.

4. Can you share some of the most popular/ best ways to use your products?
I try to make products that are as healthy as possible. The only sugars come from the fruit - so slower releasing because they
are attached to the fibres of the fruit. Our products are high in fibre and ingredients packed with antioxidants. I’ve tried to
explain the health benefits through the blogs on the website.

5. We’re sure you’re customers love your products, what do your customers
say about your brand and products?

Our customers love the different flavours - in particular the seasonal ones: Lemon Ginger and Matcha for Spring;
Summer Pudding for its zingy flavours; our comforting Apple and Blackberry Chai Crumble and Mulled Wine and
Figgy Pudding for Christmas. They like the combination of flavours and their complexity.

6. What are some great health benefits about your products?
The energy balls are a great snack to stave off the slump and stop you from reaching for a quick sugar fix. They are great
out on the fells or mid bike ride and their size means that you don’t get cramps from eating too much. As for the upcoming
spread, I love it on crumpets and as a guiltless cake topping!

7. What is the future for your brand, any new products launching soon?
We are soon to be launching a Chocolate Spread that is free from any added sugars. We are also looking at a
project to support the nutritional needs of disabled athletes.

8. Any healthy lifestyle tips you can share for our readers?
It’s one that I am not good at, but getting enough sleep is the foundation for good health - it allows the brain to do its
processing and the body to repair and recover.
Mental health is also really important- so look after yourself and those around you. Remember that when you strip everything
else away, we are all human beings with human emotions.


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