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Kineta Cacao Orange with Maca & Matcha Protein Bars Product Review

Are you always on the move? Do you prefer to carry energy bars along with you to munch on when you feel hungry rather than sitting down for an entire meal? Try out Kineta’s Cacao, Orange with Maca and Matcha energy bars. These bars will give you all the energy you need to get through the day. Packed with nutrition, these energy bars are more nutritious than you could imagine.

High in fibre content, these energy bars are gluten and grain free. They are organic and vegan, so you don’t need to worry about animal cruelty when you chomp on them. Also, these energy bars have approximately 25% less sugar content than the leading energy bar offering available in the market. They contain 500mg ceremonial matcha tea per bar and 250mg maca per bar.

The match included in Kineta energy bars are the real deal! They are sourced from an organic farm near Nishio in Japan. The green tea is shade grown to boost its nutrient quality and then stone ground to preserve this.

Why have an energy bar with matcha in it? The answer is simple. It is an antioxidant powerhouse, better even than blueberries. It boosts your metabolism and helps you burn calories faster. The L-Theanine contained in Matcha works alongside the inherent tea caffeine to effect a slow release of energy. Matcha also helps one focus their mind. It was used by Zen Buddhist monks to clear their mind and make it alert.

The 15-pack offering of Kineta energy bars will last you a good fortnight and is available for 30 pounds. Reason enough to make that purchase, isn’t it?

Energy bars are highly adaptive to our fast-paced lifestyle where we can just pop a few into our backpack and carry it along with us wherever we go. We could be heading for a busy day at office with no time for lunch or a hike out in the woods with no food source nearby – these energy bars will come to your rescue. Kineta’s pocket-sized energy bars are full of nutrient goodness and provide you oodles of energy with every bite that you take. Available in matcha, orange and cacao flavors – there’s one to take care of every craving. The goodness of matcha boosts the health value of these energy bars.

If you need a quick-fix solution to your hunger and want something that is hassle-free to carry and store – buy yourself a set of Kineta energy bars. It’ll take a minute to munch and yet fill your appetite and provide you with ample energy to get through your day. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out today!

You can buy Kineta Cacao Orange with Maca & Matcha Protein Bars online at the Makes Me Healthy marketplace


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