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Inya Gold Turmeric Paste

Behind the Brands with Inya-Gold

  1. Tell us abit more about you and any hobbies you have?

I am a mum of two and a former lawyer. I love cooking; experimenting with different ingredients and entertaining friends and family at the table. I love anything to do with wellness and inspiring women to follow their dreams. I work-out regularly: hitting the gym and swimming. I love reading and the theatre.

  1. What was your inspiration or reasons to start your brand?

I suffer with multiple allergies, including nuts, fish and sesame. I was struggling to find healthy and on-the-go things to eat at breakfast time, so I started making my own breakfast bars containing the Indian herbs and spices which I use in my everyday cooking and which have amazing health benefits: turmeric, cardamom, ginger, cumin, pepper, etc. I also wanted to cut down on my refined sugar so I started to use agave nectar. From this I created a paste which I could keep in a jar and mix with anything in order to make delicious breakfasts from: this is how I created Inya-Gold.

  1. What would you say are some unique features about your products?

The ingredients of Inya-Gold are more commonly associated with Friday night curries or supplements. Inya-Gold is something which is truly unique and versatile; it is a delicious and convenient way to incorporate these amazing herbs and spices into your food and drink, any time of day. It can be added into cooked or raw food. Each of the herbal ingredients has its own beneficial properties. Inya-Gold has its own unique and distinctive taste which livens up any kind of food and adds a beautiful golden colour to anything boring and bland. It contains no allergens.

  1. Can you share some of the most popular/ best ways to use your products?

Inya-Gold can be used as a spread on toast, crackers, rye bread, muffins, scones, pancakes, waffles and oat/rice cakes. It can be stirred into porridge, yoghurt, cereal and muesli. It can be baked into cakes, biscuits, flapjacks, muffins, waffles and cereal bars. It can be blended into smoothies or stirred into tea, coffee or milk.

  1. We’re sure your customers love your products, what do your customers say about your brand and products?

That it has a rich and complex flavour; it is delicious and addictive; it makes bland food exciting; it’s a burst of flavour.

  1. What are some great health benefits about your products?

Turmeric is antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory; cardamom, ginger, fennel and cumin are known for their heat-inducing properties and for aiding digestion; asafoetida prevents the build up of gas in the body; cayenne and black pepper are great for the metabolism and for activating the curcumin in turmeric.

  1. What is the future for your brand, any new products launching soon?

In the short-term we will be creating a new and improved Inya-Gold Savoury (an oil containing the same amazing herbs and spices but in different proportions). A chilli paste is also going to be developed. In the long-term there will be a range of ready-made Inya-Gold snacks and treats, including biscuits, cakes, energy-bars and cereals.

  1. Any healthy lifestyle tips you can share for our readers?

Where possible, avoid processed food and enjoy what you eat! If you deny yourself on flavours and textures that you love, it’s not sustainable. Find healthy alternatives which you find genuinely satisfying and will help you to stay ‘on track’. Also, plan ahead on meals and take ‘good’ snacks with you when you are out and about: it will prevent you from bingeing on rubbish and you can keep track of what you’re consuming. Finally, food is not something to ‘scrimp’ on. While there’s no need to spend half your income on food, it goes into yours and your family’s bodies every day, so it’s worth investing in quality products which taste great and are genuinely good for you.


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