Abakus Foods
Abakus Foods is on a mission to make healthy eating enjoyable and convenient for busy people. All our products use simple and natural ingredients, have no additives, and are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. The company was founded by Helen Wang, a foodie based in London. Helen was brought up in Germany and always knew about the jujube fruit from her Chinese heritage. Early on, she was fed the jujube fruit by her mother to support health and wellbeing. During visits to China, Helen’s mother would bring kilos of jujube fruits in her suitcase back to Germany, and later on would send them by post to Helen in London. It was quite a hassle but worthwhile the effort. The jujube fruit makes a tasty snack, and offers a versatile ingredient with added nutrients. Helen thought the amazing jujube fruit should be made available everywhere, so that everyone can benefit from them (even those without a Chinese mother). Helen found her calling and the idea of Abakus Foods was born. She now travels around the... More
Ausha Foods
We believe that natural and unprocessed food keeps us healthy inside out. All our products are organic certified. All our products are cruelty free and suitable for consumption by vegetarians and vegans. Our oils are cold-pressed and therefore they are free from any animal fat additives and chemicals. We are committed to bring you quality organic products at best price to supplement your healthy life style.
Ayurveda Pura Ltd
Based in London,we provide Ayurvedic products and ayurvedic training worldwide to the highest Western standards of purity and quality, whilst staying true to the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda Pura is founded on Ayurveda the ancient holistic health system of India, which provides for excellent health, both physical and mental, by creating harmony between a person's body and nature. Ayurveda Pura was founded in 2003 in London by Dr. Deepa Apté, with her business co-founders. They had a vision of giving people in the West, the greatest gifts of nature using the wonderful , ancient science of Ayurveda: a healthy body, radiant beauty and a long life! Starting with a small range of herbal teas developed in Dr Deepa Apté's kitchen, the business has grown organically to over 100 holistic wellbeing products. We are grateful that our passion for delivering the highest quality products and services to our loyal customers worldwide has been recognised by our winning numerous awards.
Azara Beautique
Azara Beautique comes to you from the heart of The Middle East, offering the purest handmade skincare and haircare products, created and blended with the rare and refined jewels of The Arab world, such as frankincense, myrrh, saffron, figs, camel milk and sidr honey. We take great pride in being the only skincare and haircare brand in the world that makes truly natural products with mineral-rich spring water from Arabia (Zamzam) and they range from organic soap bars to luxurious body scrubs and creams.
Creative Nature
I’m Will, from the premium Free From brand Creative Nature. We make Pressed Snack Bar, Superfoods and Organic Baking Mixes. Our products are all vegan, cater for all the major allergens (including nuts!) and contain no added sugar, sweeteners or syrup! We currently offer 8 plant based pressed bars, with 3 specialising in protein. Every one of our snack bars has a unique flavour, delicious taste and are safe for all. Our selection of Superfoods is source from the highest quality ingredients from around the world, have unique air-tight tubs, and include recipe ideas on the back. We offer a wide variety of Superfoods such as Raw Cacao, Maca Powder, Hawaiian Spirulina Powder and much more. Completely unique on the market, our Baking Mixes are Free From the top 14 allergens inducing coconut, nuts, gluten and soy. These mixes are easy to make, Organic, and have a vegan recipe on the back. 
Friendly soap
Friendly Soap put ethics before profits. From start to finish, no stone is left unturned in the quest to produce low-impact soap. Sustainability and ethical integrity are top of the list, bringing you fabulous natural soap that is skin friendly, animal friendly and earth friendly. Friendly soap is made using the ancient cold-process method which creates a biodegradable soap with zero by-products. Energy consumption is kept to an absolute minimum - each and every bar is poured and cut by hand and packed in recycled and recyclable card boxes, here in the UK.
Glimpse Of Beauty
We introduce the latest products in holistic skin care with nourishing and unique formulas. These are handmade from some of the rarest, finest, and most natural ingredients from all around the world. To ensure that you are getting the best quality and chemical free skin care, we prefer to use organic, unrefined plant based ingredients which are purchased directly from the producer thus guaranteeing the freshest natural material for our formulations. This results in nourishing and rich holistic skin care suited to many skin types.
Grow Close Co. Ltd. t/a The Natural Health Market
We manufacture our own brand products in-house, we are organic licensed by the Soil Association.