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4Beauty Group
Built on pure passion, the Faby nail brand was established in 2013, after over 30 years of industry experience and offers a wide range of professional products with placement in over 800 top salons, spas and hotels around the world. Faby features heavily on the fashion week catwalks, raising the profile of the brand and reflecting its Italian flair and fashion focus. Faby has an expansive range of nail products and treatments, available to both nail professionals and consumers. Safety is at the heart of the Faby brand. All Faby Nail Lacquer are 10-free and Cruelty Free and they are formulated without the use of harsh and potentially dangerous substances, to ensure the maximum respect of the natural nail. They are also easy to use, thanks to the special formula and the bespoke brush, they guarantee perfect coverage, vibrant colours and quick drying time.
Abakus Foods
Abakus Foods is on a mission to make healthy eating enjoyable and convenient for busy people. All our products use simple and natural ingredients, have no additives, and are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. The company was founded by Helen Wang, a foodie based in London. Helen was brought up in Germany and always knew about the jujube fruit from her Chinese heritage. Early on, she was fed the jujube fruit by her mother to support health and wellbeing. During visits to China, Helen’s mother would bring kilos of jujube fruits in her suitcase back to Germany, and later on would send them by post to Helen in London. It was quite a hassle but worthwhile the effort. The jujube fruit makes a tasty snack, and offers a versatile ingredient with added nutrients. Helen thought the amazing jujube fruit should be made available everywhere, so that everyone can benefit from them (even those without a Chinese mother). Helen found her calling and the idea of Abakus Foods was born. She now travels around... More
Aktiv Organic Limited
We believe in organic future. We believe that organic food is not only healthy but eco friendly as well.  That is why our mission is to provide the finest organic foods, superfoods and food supplements. We want to raise environmental awareness and promote healthy lifestyle.  Our core values are  QUALITY ,  HONESTY  and  INTEGRITY .  With quality we are doing everything we can to give you the best possible value. We only work with the most responsible suppliers, which have high ethical standards as well. With honesty we are sharing the knowledge we have and receive about health and healthy food. We are working towards healthier environment and we are eager to share all information with you. With integrity, we are committing ourselves to run our business in alignment with our core values. We believe organic is important for ensuring the integrity of our foods that people eat and for protecting the environment.
Alassala Ltd
Our mission is to meet our customers’ satisfaction by providing them with the best, highest quality and authentic Moroccan Organic Argan Oil. Our promise is not only to add the finest, most delectable flavour to your culinary adventures but also to turn your dishes into Moroccan delights. Azzelarab Elalaoui
Alexa Sky Botanicals
Alexa Sky Botanicals provides natural, safe and effective skincare. Packed with potent plant actives selected for their unique properties to deeply nourish, regenerate and balance your skin and create a sense of greater wellbeing.
Luxury Environmentally Friendly Balm (handmade skincare)
Aloe Cures
In 1989 we contacted and met personally  the scientist  Sacadura Bretes , a member of Portuguese Association of Creativity, who owned an estate containing the plant  Aloe  Arborescens   which they had been studying for more than twenty years. Told us and shown in their study: in Portugal, with a range up to 20/25 km sea  and on some islands of the Azores and Madeira, there is the best variety of this plant. Since 2000 we take regularly   Aloe  Arborescens  a 100% natural tonic created by  Frei Romano Zago  of Franciscans Order. The good results obtained and personally direct knowledge of numerous successful cases, encouraged us, in 2011, to embrace wholeheartedly this project. The results, as expected, have been positive for the high percentage of successful cases of improvements and cures. Nowadays we have  Aloe Arborescens  500g, as  biological  production to satisfy specifically your order: 100% NATURAL free conservative or additive; SUPER FRESH because it is sent up... More
Amino Drinks Ltd
We are a small company based in London on a journey to create smart and functional food and drinks. Hectic lifestyles mean that we no longer afford the time to focus on nutrition and exercise. At Amino Water, through the products we create we want to help active busy people perform to their best and get more out of life. Amino Water is the first of its kind drink, a blend of 8 essential amino acids and B vitamins to make a delicious, zero sugar, low calorie lemonade that not not only hydrates but building blocks of life supports, enhances and protects against the common stresses of life.
Angel Face Mineral cosmetics ltd
We are a mineral cosmetic company with our own brand of high grade, long lasting mineral cosmetics and skin care. Vegan friendly and No animal testing.
Aroma Energy Ltd
We are fast becoming one of the UK's largest Essential Oil brands. We have a strong presence on Amazon and eBay, and with a growing reputation we are growing our product range daily. Our aim is help create tranquility in every aspect of your life.
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