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Gravity of Life Posture support

Behind the Brands with Gravity Life Q&A

1. The GRAVITY LIFE team is small, but dynamic - just like the GRAVITY device! We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about helping people out of pain and allowing them to enjoy the life they deserve. We work with many professional bodies such as the Police Federation and the Fire Brigades Union, as well as sporting bodies such as Rugby League Ireland to make sure athletes and workforces are mobile and pain free.

2. The GRAVITY system was designed and invented by Shane Murnaghan, a clinical practitioner with over 25 years of experience in spinal issues and pain. After being struck by a car, Shane was left with a broken back and suffering from chronic pain. Using his knowledge of the human body and how it moves, he created GRAVITY which he credits for his recovery. He introduced the device to many of his patients and saw the same amazing results with a wide range of conditions. From there Shane decided to launch GRAVITY LIFE with Michael Fisher the company's managing director, with the aim of making GRAVITY as accessible as possible.

3. GRAVITY is the only two-piece product of its kind and it has been uniquely designed with variable height spherical technology, meaning that all the nodules vary in height allowing the device to stimulate tissue and release tension throughout the body. GRAVITY also looks very different to any other product on the market, its design was a conscious decision as the product is meant to hold centre stage in your life and is the perfect size to fit in your sports bag or suitcase to be taken wherever you go!

4. The device is portable and can be used anytime, anywhere! We receive amazing photos from our customers of the system being used in parks, on beaches, in airports and train stations. It has even been used at the top of Everest and in front of the Taj Mahal! We'd be happy to supply lots of these images if needed. Ideally the product should be used on a firm surface (carpeted floor, grass, yoga mat, therapy table etc), a mattress tends to be to soft to fully benefit from the device. We have a complete mix of customers who prefer to use GRAVITY first thing in the morning to set them up for the day ahead, or last thing at night to ensure they are relaxed just before going to sleep. Sports people use GRAVITY before exercise or a big game as an injury prevention tool, but also afterwards to help their muscles repair and relax.

5. We have a trust pilot page where customers leave us great feedback - but our top reviews are;

"As a dancer, I need to make sure my posture is always perfect! Since I found GRAVITY, my posture has improved and I don't suffer from nagging back problems." - Kimberly Wyatt, Pussycat Doll and dancer.

"In 20 minutes I am good to go, I love it!" - Kimberly Davis, singer with CHIC

"I am in no doubt that my sleep has improved thanks to GRAVITY." - Ms Bithell, GRAVITY user

"After only a few sessions, I was walking better and my posture had improved." - Ruth Mounstephen, GRAVITY user

"This little piece of kit has revolutionised my life." - J Taylor, GRAVITY user

"GRAVITY really works in easing back pain after a long day at work." - Mike Newman, GRAVITY user

6. The benefits of GRAVITY are far reaching and help with a huge range of conditions and symptoms;

Back, neck and shoulder pain


Sports performance and sports/exercise related injuries

Muscle tension

Mobility, flexibility and balance

Stress and anxiety

Sleep and relaxation

Blood circulation

Digestive system

7. We hope that the GRAVITY LIFE brand will continue to work to reduce the number of back pain sufferers by educating as many people as possible on how to get out of pain in a safe, drug free way with the use of GRAVITY. We aim to grow our distribution opportunities with more vendors and partners coming on board. We are unable to mention any new products which may be in the pipeline at this time.

8. See our blog for our top stretches for relaxation and back pain -At GRAVITY LIFE we are big believers in the importance of taking time out of our busy lives to rest and relax. With GRAVITY you can take just 20 minutes per day, switch your phone to silent and relax, releasing any built up tension and stress. It's so important to spend a little time with our spine in its natural position, to promote good posture and to reset our equilibrium.


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