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Creative Nature Organic Chia & Mulberry Muffin Mix (Allergen Free) Product Review

Organic Chia & Mulberry Muffin Mix (Allergen Free) is the first such refined sugar-free, allergen-free and organic muffin mix that can be easily baked at home. It is indeed a tasty superfood and will be liked by all members of your family.

When the makers of the product made up their mind to use their superfoods to come up with healthy and tasty baking mixes, they wanted to target all kinds of customers. And so they decided to come up with a product that is nut free.

After doing plenty of researches and studies, they created that perfect recipe, which can cater to all kind of allergens, has a high superfood percentage, and is organic in nature.

Product features

· 100 percent natural, raw, vegan and organic ingredients

· Wheat free, soya free, nut free, dairy free, and gluten free

· No refined sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, honey, or syrup

· Manufactured in the United Kingdom

· Contains mulberries and chia seeds

· Rich in iron. Incidentally, iron is useful to combat fatigue and exhaustion. It is also crucial to have a healthy and strong immune system

· Certified Vegetarian and Vegan, the pack has the Vegan recipe

· Simply add milled Chia Seeds or eggs, and dairy free spread or butter

This ready mix is extremely easy to make and can create 18 cupcakes or 9 big muffins. It is appropriate for vegans and vegetarians and is an organic home-bake with superfood properties.


Organic Chia & Mulberry Muffin Mix from Creative Nature is an excellent source of iron. Iron plays an important role to make the red blood cells help in carrying oxygen all over the body. In other words, this delicious dessert is simple and quick to make. Plus, it also offers you some key nutrients.

It is easy to make them as the steps are mentioned clearly on the pack. Alternatively, you can use some creative ideas and use mix-ins as you desire. For instance, you can add mashed up banana, fresh blueberries, or chocolate chips to make the recipe even more interesting. Thus, if you are unable to eat non-organic products, refined sugars, sweeteners, coconut, soya, nuts, dairy, or gluten, this mix is definitely for you. The pack also sports a vegan recipe so that all vegan customers can relish dairy free muffins.

Final verdict

There is hardly any person who is not fond of muffing. While people love to east mist, fluffy, and delicious muffins, making them from the beginning can really be a tough task at times. In case you are fond of baking, love muffins, but are looking for a ready-to-make, simple and fast muffin mix to be made at your home, this muffin mix is the perfect product to go for.

You can buy Creative Nature Organic Chia & Mulberry Muffin Mix (Allergen Free) online at Makes Me Healthy.


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