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Coco Junction Organic Coconut Tortilla Chips Product Review

Have the munchies but don’t want to indulge in a snack you’ll feel guilty about later? Try out Coco Junction’s Organic Coconut Tortilla Chips. Unlike other crispies, it is baked and not fried, so it is healthier. Also, it is packed with dietary fiber and easily digestible. These chips are absolutely gluten-free, so if you're allergic to gluten – you can still munch on these without a worry. Made of organic coconut meat and organic coconut sap, these chips are 100% natural. They are impeccably flavored and will leave you asking for more.

You can enjoy your Organic Coconut Tortilla Chips in whichever way you prefer – you can dip it in your favorite sauce and eat it, crumble it on top of your salad or simply enjoy it out of the packet. It’s up to you!

Made in the Philippines, these chips are cruelty-free, kosher and halal certified. They come in a resealable packing pouch, so you can have your fill and then store the rest until you’re craving some of these again.

Buy a pack of 6 and you’ll be sorted for a week, if not longer. You can get it for a 25% discounted price of 2.99 pounds on Pretty good deal if you think of it.

We can all go a little overboard with snacking as we don't know when to stop. While this is unhealthy in itself, if you're snacking on Coco Junction's Organic Coconut Tortilla Chips, at least you'll have one worry off your back. You can be assured your snack isn't making you add on needless calories. Fried and toasted, these chips are perfect for an individual who enjoys crispies but cannot afford to have potato crispies due to health reasons. Allow these organic coconut tortilla chips to come to your hunger’s rescue. Eventually, you will have to take care of that hunger pang – so instead of delaying it, why not eat something healthier instead?

These coconut crispies are wholly organic, so you don't need to fret about any needless additives. Also, they are dairy and gluten-free, for those who are predisposed to dairy allergies. Each pack of these contains 25g of chips, i.e. enough for one serving. Don't gobble them up all at once – you can always share with friends and family. Introduce them to Coco Junction's healthy coconut crispies and they’ll be indebted to you for life for initiating them into healthy snacking.

Still unsure if you want these perfectly delicious and healthy coconut crispies? Why don’t you just buy yourself a pack and sample for yourself? If you don’t like it, you’ll be all the more wiser. If you do like it, you’ll know where you can get some more from!

You can buy Coco Junction Organic Coconut Tortilla Chips online at the Makes Me Healthy marketplace.


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