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Natural Beauty & wellbeing @ Makes Me Healthy! Look and feel your best always with our collection of health and beauty essentials. From perfumes to make up, hair care to facial care, you'll find everything you need in one place. Shop our toxin free beauty products to ensure your body feels as good as it looks. Your beauty should be natural and not made in a lab according to a chemical formula. Here you will find only Mother Nature's creations that have stood the test of time.Taking time out to relax, connect with your body and mind and unwind is as essential to your health as diet and exercise. Our 21st century lifestyle means we feel like we should always be on the go, always working, always connected, always striving to be better. Achieving your goals won’t be made easier by working all the time, taking no time to yourself, and no time to look after your physical and mental wellbeing. Instead to make progress it is essential to ensure you look after yourself. This includes taking time to relax, being more mindful and paying attention to how you feel. Our range of wellbeing products can help you relax and unwind, to make the most out of the time you do find to yourself. From essential oils, massage oils and scented candles, to candles for relaxation and luxurious natural hand soap, it’s the little things that will help you reconnect with yourself and sink into deep relaxation.Indulge in beautiful relaxing scents – something as little as a natural hand soap or organic shampoo soap bar can help remind the body and mind to relax every time you use it throughout the day. Scent can be so powerful to the mind, aromatherapy is the perfect way to encourage yourself to relax. Our range of best luxury candles, natural essential oils and scented soy candles provide the perfect indulgence at the end of a long day. Find the time to just sit and calm your mind with one of our scented candles or enjoy the calming scents of our massage oils on your skin. If you want to create your own blends, try using a carrier oil and natural essential oils to achieve the perfect balance for you.You can buy essential oils online, as well as all of our other wellbeing & beauty products. Our range is designed to help you work towards great wellbeing, and all of our products are made by great brands, so that you can enjoy high quality fragrances and beauty products and indulge yourself, thanks to Makes Me Healthy, the worlds healthiest marketplace.
Zazel Beard Balm - Cirque du Barbe
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Maqui Berry Oil
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Pequi Oil
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Camu Camu Oil
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Detox &Tone Cellulite Massage Oil
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Casa Mencarelli | Miniature Gift Box (Travel Size) Casa Mencarelli Ltd Facial Care
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