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Azara and Makes Me Healthy 

The mystical and beautiful mountains and regions of the middle east offer a unique range of natural ingredients. Azara beautique born from the heart of the middle east brings a fascinating range of handmade beauty and natural products with unparalleled raw ingredients to enhance your beauty and health.  They are the only natural boutique in the world that uses the mineral Zamzam water from Saudi Arabia.  

Sourcing its ingredients from hard to reach places and using only the purest and ethical middle eastern methods it has created a wonderful range of products with a true and inspiring story that goes hand in hand.

One of the rarest and expensive kinds of honey from the middle east is organic white sainfoin honey. The bees feed on pink sainfoin flowers which grow on the mountains of Syria and Lebanon. This honey has a unique natural white colour and a floral taste. Apart from a natural sweetener, it has been used by Royal Arabian women for generations as a skin treatment and facemask.

Azara beautique also brings a range of resins which give a mystical and heavenly scent when burnt. Omani frankincense and myrrh offered as gifts by the wise men and even in the story of the queen of Sheba. By burning these resins as incense have your room filled with a fragrance that brings spirituality, divinity, and holiness. The woody and honeyed fragrance will relieve anxiety, insomnia, stress, and depression by calming the senses and letting you unwind naturally.

Handmade soaps from Azara create a sense of luxury and nourishment. Over 16 natural soaps with a truly unique and fascinating selection of Arabian ingredients to indulge your senses. One of which is Ajwa date and Zamzam soap. Ajwa dates which are succulent and nutritious are crafted with Zamzam water which is mineral rich and collected from the wells in Makkah Saudi Arabia. Together when combined they give you a deeply nourished and refreshed skin.

Each of the hand-crafted soap bars has a different set of health benefits such as Arabian Gum and bay leaf which lightens scars and strengthens hair, coconut and mahlab soap which lowers the body temperature in babies and children & how about the tantalising Arabic coffee, cardamom and ginger soap to stimulate blood circulation in the skin and scalp.

Azara Beautique no doubt brings the finest in Arabian nature for your skin and health. Its products are eco-friendly, fair trade, handmade, natural and organic, chemical free, halal, cruelty-free and some are vegan-friendly.

They make a great choice when you want the finest ingredients mixed with Arabian luxury to give your skin and health and natural uplift and the love it deserves.

You can visit Azara Beautique online healthy shop at Makes Me Healthy here: